How to Clean Tiles In A Bathtub?

Worried about how to clean tiles in a bathtub? Hygiene starts with clean bathrooms. Moreover, bathrooms experience a lot of foot traffic the whole day. This makes it prone to be dirtier. Bathtubs are an essential part of bathrooms. It must be cleaned every day to maintain hygienic conditions. Unclean bathtubs can cause various consequences. For instance, bathrooms are a breeding ground for mould, bacteria, fungus and germs. In this blog our Best tile and grout Cleaners suggest How to clean tiles.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the bathtub clean and dry regularly. The tiles, the grout and the bathtub must not be left unclean anyway. Then only your bathtub will be germ-free. And will be able to promote good hygiene in your surroundings. No one wants to use a dirty and bacteria-filled bathtub. Hence, bathtub cleaning is very important. 

Bathtubs are commonly made using tiles. Hence, it requires regular maintenance and care. As no one liked to relax in a dirty bathtub. However, the more you ignore cleaning the bathtub the dirtier it gets. Hence, it is essential to develop a regular bathtub cleaning routine. This way you will experience a hygienic and refreshing shower. Are you worried about unclean tiles in your bathtub? Therefore, here are some tips and tricks on how to clean tiles in a bathtub. 

How to Clean Tiles In A Bathtub

A Guide To Easy And Hygienic Bathtub Tiles Cleaning Routine 

  • Using baking soda for clean bathtub tiles 

Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent. It is regularly used in common households for various cleaning purposes. Hence, it will also work for bathtub tile cleaning as well. Firstly, clean the bathtub with hot water. Make sure to clean all the top sides and bottom sides. Now sprinkle the baking soda all over the bathtub surface. You can make a baking soda cleaning solution for this.

You will need 90 grams of baking soda (half a cup) and one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap. Also, you can use half a cup of hydrogen peroxide if you have it. It is an optional step. Now fill half of any bucket with hot water. You will need a cleaning sponge or a nylon brush for this step. Simply clean and scrub the tub using the water and baking soda mixture. Once you are satisfied that the tub looks clean, it’s time to rinse. You can use the hand sprayer or just a bucket to rinse out the baking soda water. Lastly, do not forget to dry the bathtub thoroughly. 

  • Using bleach for mould and mildew in the bathtub 

The biggest problem is mould and mildew in the bathtubs. This happens when the tub is not cleaned regularly. And the water is left stagnant for a long time. Usually, the soap scum is left behind after the shower. These are the causes of mould and mildew growth in the bathtubs. Bleach is a great ingredient to clean mould growth. You can make a simple bleach-cleaning solution using the following steps. 

You will need four tablespoons of bleach, a spray bottle and some hot water. Therefore, mix the bleach and hot water in the spray bottle. Now spray this solution on all the affected areas in the bathtub. Let the solution soak in and do the job. After a while, sprinkle some baking soda all over the tub. This will activate the cleaning solution and make the process easier. Lastly, rinse the tub as we did in the above step. And always dry the tub using a clean cloth to avoid any more dirt accumulation. 

  • Vinegar to clean the bathtub tiles

If the above methods are not suitable, you can use vinegar to clean the bathtub tiles. Follow the given steps to make the vinegar-cleaning solution. You will need one cup of plain white vinegar, one cup of salt, one cup of hot water and two tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap. Mix all the ingredients in a container. Firstly, rinse the bathtub thoroughly. You can fill the bathtub once and rinse the water out. Take a cleaning sponge or a nylon brush as mentioned in the above steps. 

Now dip the brush or sponge in the vinegar solution. Scrub the tiles thoroughly and focus on the problematic areas. Leave the bathtub for 10-15 mins. Now rinse the bathtub as usual. You can do this step again if you feel like some areas are still not clean. Therefore, this is also an easy way to clean the bathtub tiles. 

  • Lemon juice for regular bathtub tile cleaning and maintenance 

Lemon juice is a great ingredient if your bathtub is not very dirty. This step is appropriate if you just want to clean the bathtub tiles for dirt and grime. The acidic nature of lemon juice makes it a great tile-cleaning agent. There are two ways to use lemon juice. Firstly, you can directly use plain lemon juice to clean the tiles. Secondly, you can mix the lemon juice with dishwashing liquid and baking soda for better results. Simply spray the lemon juice on the bathtub tiles. Use a damp sponge to clean the tiles. This simple technique can help in maintaining the bathtub.

To Conclude:

The above steps will help you get the desired bathtub cleaning results. And help you deal with the question of how to clean tiles in a bathtub. Along with these steps, clean the bathtubs regularly. And make sure to mop the bathrooms after every shower. Along with bathtub tiles, do not forget to clean the bathroom tiles as well. Moreover, clean the drain system thoroughly. These small steps will help you get the perfect and clean bathtub in no time. Follow the guide for a hassle-free bathtub cleaning experience at your home.